Starting your Ferrari with just the pin code and key.

This video shows you how to start your Ferrari 355, 360, 456M, 550 and 575 using the igniton key and the immobiliser pin code..


Programming your Ferrari Immobiliser to accept fobs 

​This video shows you how to program the immobiliser in your Ferrari 355, 360, 456M, 550 and 575 to learn new remote fobs.

The  first step of the process is the same as starting your Ferrari with pin  code and key, the second step in the process  is to put the immobiliser in to "learning  mode" and the third step is to press the button on each remote,  starting with the red master to transfer the data to the immobiliser.


This video explains how the 3 remote fobs operate with the Ferrari immobiliser and also shows the drawbacks of  "cloned" fobs. 

If you have had your fobs "cloned" in the past ( by a guy in the US or France) and they no longer work I can "unlcone" them and program them to work  correctly.