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Like many owners, I bought a car that came with only one fob and no PIN code. So I went to the dealer and was told I needed a new system. After waiting 6 months for the new system to arrive ( and with no ETA)   I decided to take matters in to my own hands. 

Having an electronics and IT background  gave me the skills to figure out how the system worked.  

Eventually, in June 2014 I became the first person to successfully read and decrypt the PIN code and re-program the Bosch Immobiliser system fitted to 355, 360, 550 and 575 Ferraris.  

You're in Australia ?


It comes as a surprise to many when they discover that the immobiliser fitted to your Ferrari was designed and manufactured right here in Australia. 

So it should come as no surprise that an Australian had the resources and expertise to understand, read, decrypt and program the Ferrari immobiliser system.  



I  am a passionate Ferrari owner and  have over 30 years experience in  electronics and computers. In the early 80's I founded a company that  ended up being one of the largest providers  of IT systems  integration services to the Australian  Department of Defence and related Australian government  agencies.
I eventually  sold my company and  "retired" from the IT industry to pursue other business interests in the real estate and energy field.
I've had a lifelong interest in electronics and Ferraris which have come together in