Some background

In early 2014, after 18 months of part time effort and many failed attempts  I finally managed to decrypt and read the pin code from the Ferrari immobiliser system. I loaded  my first video on YouTube on 7th August 2014  and the programming video on 22nd August 2014.

Now, several years later there are "copycat" videos that show a similar thing from people offering pin code services. 

Don't be fooled, their services and videos are based on information I provided them - these are my former US agents who I provided PIN code decryption services to - you need look no further than the  upload dates of the videos. 


Can they unlock a "locked" immobiliser which is  triggered in alarm mode ? 

(No, because they send their customers to me )

Can they read and decrypt a pin without hacking and soldering the immobiliser circuit board ? 

(No, becuase they haven't developed their own hardware, interfaces and software which means I can do the job without  any risk of damage to the circuit boards)

Do they actually have their own Ferrari's to test the system and for development ?

I do, because I'm owner and enthusiast. And my videos are done in my cars. 

So, you have to ask yourself, do they really understand the system and know what they are doing?