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Q. What was originally supplied with my Ferrari 355/360 456 550 or 575  ?

A:  A set of 3 remote "fobs", a red cased "master" and 2 black "ordinary" remote  fobs and the  pin code in a small paper envelope. as shown in the  picture. If you have those items, you don't need our services.

Ferrari Fob 355 360 575 550 set of fobs OEM master fob
Ferrari Fob 355 360 575 550 set of fobs OEM master fob


Q. What is the pin code and why do I need it ?

A:  The pin code is a numeric code supplied to the first buyer of a new  355,  360, 456, 550 and 575 Ferrari. The pin code allows you to start  the car if a remote fob has stopped working - perhaps the battery in the  fob has gone flat?. The code is also required to put the immobilizer in  to  "learning mode " in order to replace lost or damaged fobs .The pin  code is supplied on a small security envelope to the original purchaser  of the car.  Most pin codes have been lost  during subsequent ownership  changes. Having the pin code and all 3 remotes is becoming increasingly  important if you ever want to sell  your car - buyers expect to receive  "all the remotes and code" . 

Factory pin code sheet Ferrari 355 360 575 550
Factory pin code sheet Ferrari 355 360 575 550


Q. I've obtained the pin code from Ferrari but it doesn't work ?

A:  This is not unusual. Ferrari have the pin code on file with which the car originally left the factory. If another set of fobs has been programmed to the car the original pin code will have been overwritten.  If the pin code does not work Ferrari will recommend replacing the entire system. I can retrive the code and save you thousands of $$$ and months of waiting. 


Q. What is the purpose of the red "Master" remote
A:  The red "master" remote contains the pin code and is required when programming the  system to add "ordinary" remotes. After the programming is complete the master works the same as the other remotes. 

Q. I have the pin code and the original red "Master" remote but adding fobs doesn't work.
A: The system has been designed so that when the master fob has  transmitted the pin to the   immobiliser, the immobiliser will not recognise that pin again to initiate the programming sequence. 

This ensures that every time a new set of fobs is added to the system, the previous pin is replaced  - its a security feature so that any previous owner does not know the current pin. 

If you want to add fobs, but for some reason don't want to end up with a new pin number we have a solution.  Please contact me for details. 

Q. I have one black fob and no pin code, what do I need ?
A:  Don't worry, this is the most common situation owners face. You'll need the pin code and 2 new fobs. 

Send us your immobiliser and fob, we will retrieve the pin code from your immobiliser and then programm the 2 new fobs and your existing fob to the system. You'll receive the pin code and 3 fobs, a new master and new standard fob and  the fob you provided .


Q. Can you retrieve the pin code from a red remote?
A: Yes. If you have a working red master we can retreve the code from it.


Q. I don't know where the immobiliser is located in my Ferrari, can you help?
A: Yes, we have pictures and instructions that show you how to remove the immobiliser.


Q.  How do you provide the correct pin code?
A:  I developed my own software and hardware to extract the PIN code and  test the system.  I am 100%  confident that I  can retrieve the pin code from your  Ferrari's  immobiliser or red master remote. 


Q. Can you work out the pin code from the VIN?
A: No, there is no relationship between the VIN and the PIN on a Ferrari 355/360/550/575


Q. How does your service work?
A:  Contact me by email with your requirements, I'll be in touch and  will advise the cost and  shipping details. You'll will need to send your immobiliser or  fobs to Canberra, Australia. I suggest using tracked shipping  via DHL / Fedx / UPS or similar. Upon receipt of the unit I will test  it and retrieve the pin and request payment via Paypal. The immobiliser  will be shipped back to you using DHL express or similar ( tracked &  signed for).  The turnaround is typically 5 days plus shipping time.


Q. Can you disable the immobiliser entirely?
A:  This is a question that is sometimes asked. There is absolutely no good  reason to do this. The Bosch system is reliable and provides a high  degree of security and even provides a fall back method of starting the  car using the pin code if your are unable to use your remotes. There are  also significant liability issues that could arise from the theft of a  vehicle where the OEM immobiliser has been disabled - for the owner of  the vehicle and the supplier of such a device. Also In many countries it  is a legal requirement to have a working immobiliser system. And from a resale perspective, buyers are looking for original cars with everything working, not cars modified with klutz electronics.


Q. What is the "Vehicle Immobiliser Interface" black box that's mounted next to the "Vehicle Immobiliser"?
A: The  "Vehicle Immobiliser Interface" is  an integral part of the vehicle's immobiliser system and is matched with a specifc immobiliser. They are a set. We only need  the immobiliser to retrieve the pin. An  immobiliser will only function with it's  original, matching Vehicle  Immobiliser Interface. (A mismatched interface will allow the car to be  unlocked, but the engine won't start). An immobiliser without the  matching Vehicle Immobiliser Interface is unusable.


Q.  I have purchased an immobiliser, interface and matching fobs from a  wreck and fitted it to my Ferrari 360 . When I press the remotes the  doors unlock, but the car won't start.?
A:  As an additional security feature, the immobiliser in the 360 and later  Ferrari's is "mated" with one of the engine ECU's to prevent the immobiliser system  being  swapped from car to car.  The vehicle simply won't start with an  unrecognized immobiliser. You could swap the left and right engine ECU's  in the hope that the other ECU is a "virgin" and has not been  previously  "mated" to an immobiliser. If that doesn't work, you'll need  to purchase some new, "unmated" engine ECU's from Ferrari.  This is big $$$$.
Fortunately  the pin code retrieval service we provide avoids this problem entirely,  because we can retrieve the pin from the specifc  immobiliser that was  fitted  to your car, eliminating the need to replace it.


Q.  I don't want to be without the use of my car while you retrieve the pin  from the immobiliser. Do you have advance exchange units in stock that  you can send me?
A:  This is not a good idea as in 360 and 575 the immobiliser is "mated" with one  of the engine ECU's to prevent them being swapped from car to car - see  previous answer. We do sell complete systems, but that's usually not the  best way to proceed, our service was developed so you don't  have the  expense of purchasing an entire new system. A new immobiliser is really a  "last resort" solution if your unit it damaged and can't be repaired.


Q. The immobiliser in my car is faulty -  do you repair them?
A: Yes, often we can successfully repair your immobiliser. Typical problems are dry joints or damaged relays. We will quote you after we receive your immobiliser.


Q. Do you provide a warranty?
A: We provide a warranty on our service. If we are not able to retrieve a pin code, there is no charge for our service.

If  we  have previously retrieved a pin code  for your immobiliser and you  loose it, we will not charge you again for retrieving the pin code,  provided you are still the owner of the vehicle.  This offer does not  include freight & shipping costs.


Q. Can I claim the cost  of lost remotes against my insurance?
A: That depends on your insurance policy, but many companies do provide coverage to replace lost remotes or keys.


Q. Do you provide keys as well ?
A: No.


Q. You don't have an address on your website ?
A: Immobiliser repairs  is something that I do in my spare time and  I don't operate a shopfront. 

I  don't  want you  to send  an immobiliser before we have been in touch  to discuss exactly what you need done. Send me  your number and I'm happy to call you to discuss your immobiliser  questions. 

Q. I have other question about my Ferrari immobiliser, can you help? 
A: Absolutely. use the contact form and we will be in touch